[RUMOR/GRAIN OF SALT] Crash Team Racing Remake coming Q3 2019, by Vicarious Visions w/ TGA (Dec 6th) Announcement

Here’s a word of warning regarding this anonymous post from 4chan (/v/), this post is likely fake and bogus for very good reasons, hence the disclaimer title and image, but the reason why this is getting published here in the first place is that some things sound plausible and perhaps possible after a series of speculation, interviews and theories (do not take the 4chan post as a fact).

Here’s what the post tells us about the remake of Crash Team Racing:

Title: Crash fans in for a pleasant surprise December 6th

  • More or less a complete remake of CTR
  • Developed by Vicarious Visions
  • Following success of N.Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited, expect high production values. If you were disappointed by how low budget N. Sane felt, you can rest easy.
  • Character models are quite similar to N. Sane but also they more strongly resemble the original Naughty Dog designs.
  • Josh Mancell will be returning to help remaster the OST this time and like Spyro Reignited, there will be an option to listen to the original soundtrack.
  • Q3 2019

Personally speaking, I’m kinda anxious and curious about an announcement on December 6 with the advent of The Game Awards but I feel like it is not likely as its more like an E3 announcement (Sony is not going to be there at all in 2019, the E3 reveal could still be at another conference or other means of announcement) in June or a pre-E3 announcement (February – April).

Source: 4chan (Fireden Archive), via Reddit

One thought on “[RUMOR/GRAIN OF SALT] Crash Team Racing Remake coming Q3 2019, by Vicarious Visions w/ TGA (Dec 6th) Announcement

  1. N.Sane Trilogy
    Low Budget
    The fact that their own personal opinions are in it nearly invalidates the whole “””leak””” entirely. The thing about leaks is that if they give you too much information, then it is likely to be fake (Example: The Fire Emblem: New Moon fake leak). After the effort of pulling off the Grinch Leak, posts like these need to step up their game if they want to convince anybody.

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