Retailers with NECA’s Crash Bandicoot Scuba Gear 7″ Action Figure is available for Preorder from

If you ever felt the desire to get some really cool merchandise for Crash Bandicoot and got yourself ready, you can preorder the upcoming Deluxe Scuba Gear Crash Bandicoot NECA Figure, coming Q1 2019. The Deluxe figure features Crash with a different expression and Scuba Gear, famously used in some of Crash 3’s underwater levels. Priced at $26.99 USD, I don’t think you can go wrong.

NECA’s next release in the new line of Crash Bandicoot action figures is a deluxe Crash with scuba diving gear! First seen in Crash Bandicoot: Warped, this gear is essential to underwater levels. The figure stands 5.5 inches tall and features a unique head sculpt. Crash has plenty of articulation and looks like he swam right out of the game!

Preorder the DELUXE Crash Scuba Gear from The following (OnGoing):
Toywiz – BIGBADTOYSTORE – MEGALOPOLIS – Entertainment Earth – Geek Effect

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