Tomrus47/Tom Mezrus: Crash Bandicoot N. Finite November Update

Notice: in a few days I will leave my country to go to work out, of course at the beginning I will have little time to program if nothing, but no problem, I will continue as this fan game is currently my biggest job! I am loving this project and I will not abandon it! This is a certainty! 😉

I also apologize for the Italian language with which I’m developing, but I prefer to see the results of what I develop in Italian xD
Obviously the final game will also have English, other languages ​​I do not know.

Update: New boxes, Pinstripe market (character that you will find in the store only in these videos and in the demo because our old friend will have a much greater role in the story). Improvements to the hud, and more. Consider also that most of the backgrounds of the levels are still approximate, they are still all to establish and improve.

Fixed really many elements of gameplay, in fact before 15 I’m going to release a demo with 5 levels full of secrets (with 3 colored gems) and, perhaps, a boss. This demo will have a layout of its own elements and will not represent the final version.

Even the levels could change completely in the finished game.
Towards the end of the video I showed you all the boxes, there is no limit to the imagination, if you have ideas that you want to share I would be happy to hear them.

Watch the rest of the fan game development diary via the .


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