Crash Team Racing mentioned on PlayStation Asia’s Survey Poll for “The Last Of Us: Part II”

Even with all the talk and waiting for the next release of Crash Bandicoot, it never seemed like after the release of N. Sane Trilogy that we have been in complete mystery about what could come next, either it is a brand new game or a CTR remake. We do know that Vicarious Visions is well aware of the demand for either game (Kara Massie’s response to the demand of CTR in the Metro interview).

Well, it looks like we’re going to slowly get more of CTR over time. A Reddit user by the name of Innercy has posted a screenshot, link and details about a Survey Poll by PlayStation Asia regarding what players want from the highly-anticipated title “The Last Of Us: Part II”, in which the user is asked a variety of questions related to the title, other titles, and which platforms do they play video games on, standard stuff.

What’s notable here, however, is the nonchalant inclusion of “Crash Bandicoot Racing” (Japanese Title) in the choice question “Choose all the games that you have played.” of games that have already been released to the public. No one from Activision, Sony, or even Vicarious Visions have ever stated on official terms that they would be releasing a remake of Crash Team Racing so far, so it’s interesting that the survey would mention it here without much thought of who is going to look at this poll survey.

It will be curious to see when we will see more evidence for CTR in the coming months.

Source: Innercy (Reddit)Via: SaveMediEvil (Twitter)


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