ToyWiz: Crash Bandicoot Kidrobot’s Phunny HugMe Plush (Fall 2018)

Looks like we’re getting more merchandise from Kidrobot (NECA), which sells plushies, figurines and other variety of items for licensed brands and merchandise in stores like GameStop, EB Games and more. It seems like we’re getting a taste of what’s to come beyond the upcoming months with the barrage of items coming from coasters, figures, mugs and more (Aside from the upcoming SquishMe Mystery Pack from UCC Distributing Inc.). The Crash Bandicoot Phunny HugMe Plush is described on the listing as a vibrating phunny plush large in size with other things like having the “signature HugMe shake” with most HugMe plushies. For now, we only have Crash Bandicoot from this brand by Kidrobot, no idea if Coco, Cortex, Aku Aku or other variants will appear in the near future, at least for the moment being.

There is no render to give us any indication on what exactly the plush will look in person but seeing the currently released collection of HugMe plushies, this will size about 16 inches tall, hence the “large” bit in the description of the item. This plush will cost $34.99 USD when it comes out this fall or later in February 2019. Oh, and there’s also a Spyro variant if you were curious about the dragon getting this kind of treatment.

PREORDER FROM TOYWIZ: Crash Bandicoot Plush

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