Other Regional Stores Taking Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Orders


It’s finally here, we’re getting N. Sane Trilogy on Xbox One, Switch and Steam (PC, a first for the franchise) and now there is listings to order the game in several countries. This is the physical game (except Steam, which is download-only, even the physical version has a download code) coming June 29 2018 (Not July 10 anymore) on Friday. Please note that this is explicitly grabbed from the official Crash Bandicoot website with a few other retailers added and may not reflect all retailers. For digital-only orders, please have a look at Nintendo, Steam and Xbox posts. If any country/retailer is missed, let me know.

For this specific post, please note that many of the other countries from Asia and other regions are missing, hence the tag “Ongoing” is put on this post specifically. Please send us your suggested retailer and country/region so this list is more complete and thorough.


Philippines: DataBlitz
Malaysia: Impulse Gaming – Game ShopTrueGamers – Gameon: PS4, Switch, Socks Bundle
Singapore: Qisahn – Games HomePLAYeShopitree
Japan: Rakuten Amazon – Kakaku

Middle East and North Africa (Arab World):

UAE: Geekay GamesVirgin MegastorePlug-INSDG SharafCarrefour


South Africa: Raru

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