Cable Guy’s Crash Bandicoot Holder Figure revealed

It looks like some retailers have been slowly revealing what the new partners are up to for the new lineup of Crash Bandicoot Merchandise announced by Activision yesterday. In this case, we now have our first look at the controller/device mount by Cable Guy’s (Exquisite Gaming/Power Up Factory) for Crash Bandicoot, based on N. Sane Trilogy’s model.

This figure is about 9 x 5 x 5 inches (approx.), comes with a USB-C cable about 3 meters long (MicroUSB and Lightning adapters included), it can hold your controller and devices. No clear date has been set but based on an educated guess, this is coming between November and December across multiple countries.

See more details from the following retailers (€24,99/£22.99):

Alternative (UK)Ankermann (UK)GameStop (Italy)


3 thoughts on “Cable Guy’s Crash Bandicoot Holder Figure revealed

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