[RELATED] Griff the Winged Lion, Crash/Spyro inspired Platformer (Kickstarter)

Griff is a true passion project being developed by a group of long-time friends with a love for platformers in common. We have many favorites on the original Playstation and N64 and aim to honor mid-to-late 90’s mascots we grew up with such as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon while bringing our own unique elements to the table. We can’t compare Griff to the greats, but we can make a fun tribute with its own heart and soul. If you love the simple charm of early 3D, then jump on board my radical friend, because things are about to get old-school!

Jake Pawloski of Breakerbox Studios is the head behind this kickstarter.

Click here If you’re willing to support this project.

Note: This post is not sponsored or sanctioned by the creator of the kickstarter, this is just a related post personally done by the author to let others learn about the game.


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