Metalli: Crash Bandicoot N. Tense Adventure Fangame (Early Gameplay)

Been working on a lil Crash fangame project for about a month now, figured I’d show a video of it! No download link yet, this is still very WIP. Aiming to release a 2-5 stage long demo at SAGE 2017 coming in a few months. Other than that, not sure how long the finished or not-so-finished game will be, 25 stages would be great ofcourse, buuut we’ll see. Only Crash is playable for now, but if I can and have the time to, I’d like to add Nina Cortex in sort of Twinsanity style.

Oh and yeah, the game itself is 60fps, my computer is just abit too outdated to handle recording at such high framerate in HD.

I’m the one making the game, so I’m working on the engine, level design, everything gameplay-wise, aswell as box graphics (and later on, level graphics). Tyrzi is working on animations, effects, wumpas, gems, stuff like that.

Looking for someone interested in making music for this fangame! Something in the Crash 1-3 style would be great.

And yeah, N. Sane Trilogy definitely got me inspired here. I’ve had one other Crash fangame project going on in the past but that one was way too outdated for me to want to keep working with. Plus it never got further than what you see here.


2 thoughts on “Metalli: Crash Bandicoot N. Tense Adventure Fangame (Early Gameplay)

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