The Completionist: Crash Team Racing Review

N. Sane Trilogy is out, but I didn’t get a copy. I did a review on the other Crash Bandicoot games, it’s time for Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing, or CTR as it’s known by the cool kids, was a racing game made by Naughty Dog during the era of Mario Kart rip-offs. But that Crash Team Racing does better than others is give us an instant connection to all the available racers, and…somewhat of a “story.” Look, you don’t play old racing games for stories.
CTR has the bane of all completionists when it comes to racing games: near impossible time trials. I’m talking super-human reflexes to control Crash and his mates through drifts, boxes, and sheer luck.
That being said, I’ve went through hell. Enjoy my Crash Team Racing review for this week’s episode of the Completionist! Or CTR review for you hip cats out there…or…hip bandicoots.

Let me know what you thought about Crash Team Racing below!

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