Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Reviews Score Roundup

Tomorrow’s the day, everyone, because we just got the reviews to round up this long-anticipated comeback of one of the most beloved mascot gaming franchise characters, Crash Bandicoot. Let’s see how he did in terms of scores all around, based on average overall score from Metacritic and OpenCritic with how many have been listed.

Let’s start with the average right now on Metacritic: 81 with 31 reviews, many going 80 and above, some going for 70 and finally, few going for the 60 tier.

Now, for OpenCritic: 81 with 23 critic review and 1 contributor review, many going 85 and above, most going between 75 to 84 and few going below that.

Select quotes from few reviews over the board:

Vicarious Visions has smartly made the visual update matter to the gameplay as well…

IGN (8.5/10)

No matter what you think of the original games these are an excellent trio of remasters, that will please existing fans and help to create new ones…

Metro (7/10)

Whether you are running from a boulder or riding on a polar bear, these games have not lost their charm. They are a fascinating (and fun) look back at the early days of 3D platforming

Now, please note that these scores will change over time, but the consensus is that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a great collection of 3 completely remade games from the PS1 days, making it a great buy at $40 USD, a worthy comeback for the bandicoot. Some will still dispute the bandicoot’s might, we will see how it will perform.


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