Crash Bandicoot (Original) Lost Treasures DLC revealed for N. Sane Trilogy

Well, looks like there might be still hope for those looking to play Stormy Ascent in Fur-K for the N. Sane Trilogy, details are quite scarce but I’m being hopeful since the achievements for this “DLC” includes two new trophies, a Silver Trophy (The Crown Jewel) for the old man from Slipper Climb (Likely for Stormy Ascent) and a Golden Trophy (An Ancient Antiquity) for completion/level. It has been yet to be confirmed on whether this is free or paid, since this comes with the Day 1 Patch for the remakes.

Stay tuned for more news regarding this revelation, because we are in for hell of a ride!

Image Source: CGbadass (Reddit)

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