Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy’s Box, Front and Back (via Kuwait)

We’ve got the scope and well, this one’s coming from an anonymous source from Kuwait. This is indeed the North American (US) box of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. What this tells us is that the game’s been going out to retailers readying them up for the long-anticipated and hyped-up June 30th release date on Friday, it also tells us that the game will support the following:

  • Single Player with Crash and Coco playable
  • 100+ levels including bosses and secret levels
  • PS4 Pro support at 1440p 30fps, no mention of HDR but we assume it’s there for now, stay tuned for an official confirmation
  • Remote Play for both PS Vita and PC/Mac
  • Requires 30GB of Storage, assuming that the game’s total size will be between 20-25GB in terms of installation
  • Utilizes BINK VIDEO, HAVOK Physics and Dolby Digital standard
  • Demonware is the provider for Online Leaderboards for Time Trials
  • Unlike the original trilogy of games, there is no mention of Sony Interactive Entertainment on the copyright notice, despite them having the distribution and porting rights (See: PSN Releases).

That’s all for now, we got less than two weeks for the release of N. Sane, we hope that the game doesn’t get taped and leaked online for possible spoiler content.

Source: L.O.R.D. (NeoGAF Thread) – via GAMES4FANS1


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