[IMPRESSIONS] Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Demo Kiosk

I just recently got the chance to try out the demo for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy at my local Best Buy, I have some things to say regarding the demo since I really liked it, regardless of how skeptical people are going to be about N. Sane. Please note that I wasn’t able to capture off-screen footage since I didn’t have someone else to help me show off the demo while I try it out.

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the demo in each segment by segment, shall we?

N. sanity Beach

I first started playing the demo by order, so playing N. Sanity Beach first was logical in that essence, it looked really lush but has a yellowish color contrast on top of it, as noted earlier in my posts, they have adjusted quite a big of things but I still noted that the fog is there, just a big less visible majority of the time. Crash Bandicoot controlled almost exactly like how he would in the original games with more refined movement and animation. On top of that, his jumping felt heavier but more precise without the annoying momentum with the great addition of holding the X button. Crash is quite expressive and great to look at, the object placement was very spot on and best of all, this feels like the best way to replay the original Crash Bandicoot game over the original copy. One last thing I have to mention is that there was a collision pickup issue with the extra life icon when Crash breaks the crates by spinning (same as PSX).

Hang Eight

This is the second level that I started playing right after I got my time to get the feel of N. Sanity Beach in N. Sane, the movement felt more like the original copy of Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back but with better jumping that I had to get used to. Hang Eight, contrary to what people kept complaining out, looks colorful, water looks amazing and Crash controlled pretty great and any fail I had been my fault (I was messing around all three levels). I have noticed that while playing, that Crash felt very precise to control even while jumping with those smooth animations for running and jumping and didn’t have much difficult aside from getting used to the guessing of distance and jumping since it has been a little while since I tried the original Hang Eight.

Heavy Machinery

After messing around with Hang Eight, I finally got to try Heavy Machinery and this level really shines with all the changes and improvements made in N. Sane, it looks crazy good with all the lighting and special effect with the Crash 1-esque controlling style, it felt really precise, especially with the D-Pad (Even in N. Sanity Beach, while getting those crates in the right path). I was able to unlock both the Tawna and N. Brio Bonus stages but since I wasn’t good enough in these, I didn’t finish them since this was my first time playing the demo in store. This level has been vastly improves over the original one in N. Sane Trilogy, well done to the Vicarious Visions team!


I noticed that in the 2.5D Sections that there’s now hidden walls in some places in order to prevent accidental falling, modernizing and making the game more accessible to newcomers. I also noticed that with the removal of some glitches involving spinning/dashing/jumping that they have been more refined but still feeling very familiar when it comes to utilizing the skill of zipping through the level. Yes, those TVs have input lag and jaggy output for them and I don’t think this is the game’s fault. Finally, I noticed that just like in the PAX build, there was few inconsistencies with the visuals and things around but that did not hamper the experience.


Overall, this was a great demo to play in light of the N. Sane Trilogy coming up to mark the bandicoot’s biggest comeback since the release of Crash: Mind Over Mutant, some of those issues encountered in the demo have been long fixed and refined in later reveals that we’ve seen so far and I’m seeing a lot of potential of this selling and reviewing well, although there will still be that group of people who insist that it isn’t as good or doesn’t live up to the hype. Wump on, bandifans, because this is worth trying!


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