Numskull Designs Crash Bandicoot Merchandise Lineup Revealed Officially

Well, it is a day early but here it is, after report(s) about Numskull Designs being one of the four companies assigned by Activision to manufacture Merchandise for Crash Bandicoot, we finally get a look at few more items: Crash, Aku Aku Wallets and a Crash Purse. They have confirmed early that these are coming to the US (Unknown if Canada is considered) via Thinkgeek and Amazon, we’ve already known that these were listed on GAME Spain and ShopTo online. These range from crate cup, shirts, pins collection and so forth. Let’s have an explanation summary of what each company does for the licensed merchandise:  CHANGES is for the Apparel is responsible for the Macy’s shirts, CONCEPT ONE is for the accessories, presumably for preorder bonus of the keychain (guessing, unconfirmed), Venture Classic is for the First 4 Figures Collectible Figures that we saw get announced earlier in April and finally, Rubber Road for Apparel, Accessories, Mugs and Home Décor, which is for both Numskull Designs and their own branded store, Yellow Bulldog (Listings). Finally, these are the places that fans will be able to buy the merchandise online at the moment:

All of these will be coming to stores by June 30th with stock being sold on June 23rd.

*Notice: This post will be updated once other stores have been updated online

Bonus: The official Crash Bandicoot website has been updated with final boxarts


2 thoughts on “Numskull Designs Crash Bandicoot Merchandise Lineup Revealed Officially

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