Best Buy Canada: Banner’s incorrect, N. Sane is PS4 Exclusive

C_pOBvxXcAAQvAu.jpg-origAfter the buzz and confusion regarding why a Best Buy branch in Canada had a signage that said that Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a “1 Year Console Exclusive”, Skyfan91 has updated me with a new picture with clarification from the store staff that the banner had incorrect information about N. Sane’s exclusivity and was only a few months old (Now just recently putting it up, now taken off due to incorrect info, according to them).

To ensure that those skeptical of what Skyfan91 has told me on Twitter, I have called that branch within my province two times in order to ask the store staff about this revelation. It is word for word matched up and the staff told me that the game is certainly PS4 Exclusive and won’t be timed exclusive or “1 Year Console Exclusive”.

Once again, I would like to note to my readers that we have yet to receive an official statement from Activision directly, or Sony Interactive Entertainment for this matter.


2 thoughts on “Best Buy Canada: Banner’s incorrect, N. Sane is PS4 Exclusive

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