[Popcorn.gif] PlayStation EU Newsletter: Crash Bandicoot “PS4 Exclusive”-Sticker

Looks like we just can’t take a break from those who keep insisting that “Sony and Activision haven’t said anything about it being exclusive!“, don’t we?

Well, this one now comes directly from PlayStation Europe, perhaps the reason why we are seeing way more updates and news about Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy from that region than in North America, which boggles the mind. This email has been sent to all those who are subscribed to the email newsletter of PS EU. Let’s not start jump the gun with “I want N. Sane to [some] platform” because well, it’s getting old at this point, we just want to enjoy this moment of Crash being exclusive on PS4.

Thanks to Jimmy on Twitter for first pointing this out!


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