[LOST MEDIA] Official Crash Bandicoot Fansite Kit ZIP File


The internet can be an interesting place for things that can be obscure or lost, even if they are very trivial, since they might hold significance to some. This lost ZIP of a fansite kit from Sierra/Vivendi Games for the Crash Bandicoot franchise is no different for that, since there has been a small operation to recover some content that was available previously for a couple of files including a Crash Nitro Kart-specific fansite kit ZIP (linked all here), thanks to the efforts of mathias at CBF (Login to view). The lost fansite kit ZIP is reportedly said to contain raw PSD files of the Twinsanity assets, including one for the attached wallpaper as featured on this article and the standard Crash Bandicoot logo used in 2004-2005, with a special wiki page setup by Cakedoer on Lost Media Wiki to report about the file. Here’s a brief excerpt:

It contained various promotional media for the Crash Bandicoot games of the early 2000’s, including, notably, layered PSD versions of promotional images.

If you happen to find or own the full (uncorrupt/untouched) ZIP file, let us know!


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