Push Square: The Thirst for Crash Bandicoot PS4 Is Real (Amazon Bestsellers)

We’ve never shied away from the fact that Crash Bandicoot is a big performer here at Push Square; the fact that we’re bothering to write this article at all is a testament to that. But we thought it was interesting just how thirsty the marker appears to be for the marsupial, with N. Sane Trilogy currently second in Amazon UK’s hourly best sellers rankings following this week’s release date announcement.


Here’s our take on this: I have personally checked 3 main Amazon regional websites: Amazon US, Canada and UK. My short hypothesis is that In the UK, he’s currently at number 2 in bestselling video game, 11th bestselling video game in Canada but sadly, very low at 37th bestselling video game. You can check out all of the three linked.


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