Crash Bandicoot mentioned in ITV’s The Chase Show on Feb 9th


After a little search on Twitter (Couldn’t find a non-geo restricted site for the episode), a show by the name of The Chase, hosted on ITV in a recent episode (February 9th) has the host of the show asking the contestant about “Which of these video game characters does NOT wear shoes?” in which the choices were: A: Crash Bandicoot, B: Sonic the Hedgehog and C: Donkey Kong. We all obviously know that Donkey Kong does NOT wear shoes and it is a staple attribute of the character. Apparently, the contestant does not know who Crash Bandicoot is (shocker, shocker) and people went hillary all over it because of the popularity of the series (shocker yet again).

If there’s an unrestricted and possibly legal way to watch this episode, please let us know so we can give you a better context of the episode without spoilers.

Small Correction: February 9th instead of February 8th

Original Picture (mandlecreed) – Thanks to the peeps on Twitter for letting us know…


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