lTheMasterOfDooMl: Crash Bandidoom

Long before Naughty Dog would create “The Last Of Us” they made this, too bad they said “fuck this immensely popular title” and sold it off to Activision or some shit. but wait! They struck a deal with them to get the rights back for a remaster. Too bad there isn’t word of a sequel also (unless you count Skylanders)

What’s underlined is the usual misconception of what people think what happened after the Universal Interactive Entertainment deal with Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment, since Naughty Dog got acquired by Sony after choosing to wrap after CTR (Amid 3 games deal that didn’t include CTR), UIS gone to Eurocom and Cerny for the last PS1 title “Crash Bash” and then proceeding with Traveler’s Tales for Wrath of Cortex, over the years, they got taken over by Vivendi in 2000 to get renamed to VU Games, then later got renamed to Vivendi Games (with Sierra still in the view as Sierra Games as well), until Vivendi and Activision struck a deal to get owned by Vivendi and have Activision Blizzard take over Vivendi Games in 2008 (Then splitted from Vivendi later in 2013 after a buyout). So yeah, this is what most people get wrong about the publisher.

*If any of this information that I gave is wrong, just let me know and I will correct it


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