The8bitbeast: Crash Bandicoot 3 Glitch: Zip-zagging

This is an extremely useful glitch that I found while working on my any% (no major skips) TAS. This glitch is TAS only due to extremely fast inputs needed. This means that while it is theoretically possible to do in the game, it will never be done by a human with the current setup. This video is tool-assisted, but not optimised.

The glitch allows you to build up a lot of negative velocity. This amount is unbounded as far as I’ve tested. In testing I’ve built my speed up to 150x normal walking speed. Practically the most I seem to need is 20-30x walking speed.

To build up the speed alternate between up left and down right on the analog stick every frame (60 times per second). This also works with the other pair of corners. It’s best to do this while jumping as you lose a lot of speed when you are on the ground. Once you have enough speed you can start using it but it’s extremely difficult to control.

This video shows a few applications of the glitch. There are probably more glitches for early gems, but I dont think they would be particularly useful. This is because in a 105% TAS of this game, you would probably do a gate clip and just get all of the coloured gems at the start anyway.

This glitch saved over 10 minutes on the any% TAS of this game. My TAS using this glitch can be found here…

Played on Bizhawk 1.11.9


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