Crashy News reaches 5 years since it’s initial debut day (January 27th 2012)


I distinctly remember when I was thinking about starting a separate fanblog, presumably at the time, I didn’t think it would take over me and frankly, I was busy with 3WIREL! (Was called 3WORLD!). It was —after all—, done for the purpose of trying to connect the fanbase because I thought there wasn’t a modern site to do it, and almost every time something Crash was covered in some sites, it barely gained traffic and it seemed that they dismissed Crash, so naturally that upset me. I begun Crashy News literally on January of 2012 after thinking about the time that I “faked” a deal with someone who I won’t name to make a infosite that is competitive to Wikia and Crash Mania seeing how that forum was getting more enclosed and was gouging about getting people to start making fangames. Let’s start with the 1st year:


2012: The beginning

This was, in addition to being the year that I kickstarted Crashy News, the same year that rumors of a fighting brawler started getting more base after someone by the name of Paul Gale (Who revealed it’s early title, TITLE FIGHT in 2011) which ended up being Superbot’s PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale (Not including Crash, Cloud, Lara or Spyro for that matter after dozens of babble and rumors including the fakes, it was nuts). I begun posting some videos around from January to May of that year, appreciating every little view or mention of the site that even barely comes up, in addition to the shutdown of Radical Entertainment and the bigger push of Bring Back Bandicoot petition. My other focus was covering some fandom creations, especially fangames, such as Crash Bandicoot HD, 2012 Tech Demo and CrashBRevamped. Crashy News was just getting started, the most popular was: Crash Village not working with pictures viewed around 839 times with year being viewed 12K times. You can also read my original 1st anniversary post about the site for more information.


2013: The rumors begin with Sony’s pandering

This year begun a bit differently, it started with a discovery of the supposed Crash Bandicoot poster at a picture posted by Vicarious Visions (Turned out to be a cancelled game of some sort) with Sony just beginning to hype up their newly revealed PS4, and guess what? They begin pandering about Crash Bandicoot, subtly, starting with Knack’s reveal and most importantly, the PS4 Launch Trailer that got a lot of attention. Crash Landed on the DS was just revealed to be a cancelled game that parted the handheld arm of Crash Bandicoot 2010, a game that was in development but subsequently cancelled after February 2010 Layoffs by Radical Entertainment and a slew of other things from the fans alike. This year saw the introduction of a fangame called Crash Bandicoot Crystal’s Wrath and it has a funny but immature video. The most popular was: Crash Bandicoot Crystal’s Wrath Fan Game viewed 1,478 times with year being viewed 40K times.


2014: Another year, another wait

We begin the year continuing off the trend from last year, with one exception: an official use of the franchise’s IP, in a special 30th Naughty Dog Anniversary Artbook for the first time since CBNK2 in 2010, this also included an exhibit in Alhambra, California where many of the original Crash concepts are up on display. We changed up the logo and site design yet again with covering more fan games, etc. The biggest revelation is that we finally got to see what Crash Team Racing 2010 (cancelled) was going to be like, given by Crash Mania with screenshots and gameplay video. The most popular was: A great simple Crash Costume + step by step from thatkidfromlondon viewed 865 times with year being viewed 40K times.


2015: Wooo, it starts getting legit here

2015 starts off a tad more optimistic but weird, the site has received some changes and has continued to talk about some interesting rumors, especially with hints of the comeback that we have been clamoring for getting more legitimate but still up in the air, infamously we know that BruceLeeRoy was calling upon this one. We see that above is the intro/outro that was scrapped from the original Crash Bandicoot game, released by David Siller, in addition to that, we were given some interesting insight about the documentation about the development of it and also see that Crash Landed was going to be called “I AM CRASH BANDICOOT” with supplied press kit including a McDonald’s promotion for a McWumpa Burger (YUMMY!). The most popular new post was: More information about Crash Landed, viewed 662 times with year being viewed 49K times.


2016: He’s back and better than ever!

The year 2016 was a bit terrible on some aspects, politically and personally speaking, but it seemed to be improving on some things for Video Games, especially with the increased amount of hype that led to the biggest announcement of Crash Bandicoot’s return since Crash’s last console debut, Crash Mind Over Mutant, with the remakes named Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, previously named Remastered at the announcement with Crash/Cortex adventuring through Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands in Skylanders Imaginators as a guest inclusion for the series (In addition, we got appearances for a mini-game of the Boulder’s Chase in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and guest appearance in one and a half episodes (EP10/11) of Skylanders Academy). Crashy News got a bit of a kickstart with the news especially with the site getting more attention as we went through the news, rumors, events and fandom creations with the addition of having RK128 join the site as an author. Crashy News has reached a total of 174K total views, our most viewed post receiving 2,717 views (SIE Japan Rumor) and finally, 33,509 views for December 2016.

Going Forward into 2017

As of 2017, we are still receiving some news regarding Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and some updates over the official Facebook page, waiting for the reveal of Crash 2/3: Warped and an official release date. Let’s all hope that with the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy coming sometime this year, that the series, the fanbase and the site all work together beautifully around for 2017.

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