Sunset Vista: Crash Bandicoot Fanzine Submission Invitation by Cigar-Blues


In the wake of Crash Bandicoot’s major comeback since E3 2016, after years of speculation ever since the last release of Crash Bandicoot on mobile (Nitro Kart 2 on iOS), fans have been craving more of the bandicoot and since the bandicoot came back, we all want more out of the community and it seems very fitting of the same community to actually begin making.. a zine collaged by Cigar-Blues (An amazing artist by the way, go check the blog with all that Crash Bandicoot goodness and other things as well).

Yup, a fan-made zine, where each artist who loves Crash Bandicoot and is interested in contributing their best work related to the series, can now submit with the following guidelines being considered with the intention of showcasing the fanwork:


  • The zine will be A5 portrait size, 210mm x 148mm + 3mm bleed.
  • You can draw heroes, villains, levels, bosses and anything from the WHOLE Crash series, from the original Naughty Dog trilogy plus CTR right up to the marsupial’s inclusion in Skylanders! Canon crossovers with the likes of Spyro are allowed!
  • The printed zine will be curated, hopefully to about 30-40 pieces, however a digital zine will all submissions will also be available.
  • The deadline is the 15th of March 2017 in GMT time!
  • Submissions will be sent to
  • If you’d like some inspiration to get you going you can head to Naughty Dog’s 30 year timeline, Crash and Spyro’s character designer Charles Zembillas’s blog, or fansites Crash Mania, Crashy News and Bandipedia!

Go ahead and submit your contribution to, look at the full guidelines, schedule and other information as well describing the project scope. Keep on eye on that blog for updates, reblogging the original post is most appreciated!

Original Post from Sunset Vista Crash Bandicoot Fan-Zine blog by Cigar-Blues


2 thoughts on “Sunset Vista: Crash Bandicoot Fanzine Submission Invitation by Cigar-Blues

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