Thumpin Wumpa Islands’s Extended Soundtrack (Clever as a Monkey)

This is an UNOFFICIAL soundtrack for Skylanders Imaginators. Unlike other entries in the series, Lorne Balfe did not return to compose original music for the game. There is no official OST for the game and it uses a lot of licensed stock music.

I decided to put together the main themes of the game with a few extras into one video in a way that makes it feel like a true soundtrack. The themes in this soundtrack are the original licensed music themes found on APM Music, so they don’t sound exactly the way they sound in game.

Posted by Skylanders Music Channel, go to the video’s page to see timestamps for other tracks in the soundtrack of the game.

This is the unofficial Soundtrack for Skylanders Imaginators, since the official one wasn’t ever confirmed or released to the public. This is missing a few sample sounds since it is a APM track, standard of any music used in several mediums. Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands is called “Clever as a Monkey” and was composed by Francois Causse, Didier Malherbe. Have a listen from the TWI section or the entirety of the OST.


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