Uncharted Club (Japanese): Crash Bandicoot and PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary


Since the debut of PlayStation® by “Crash Bandicoot” on December 6, 1996, the history of Naughty Dog, which has produced numerous masterpiece series “Jak & Daxter”, “Uncharted”, “The Last of Us” We will look back on the Japanese side producer and others who walked together.

[Program content]
– look back the history of the Naughty Dog × PlayStation® 20 years, “Crash Bandicoot” series “Jak & Daxter” series “Uncharted” series, “The Last of Us”
– Naughty Dog work to say because it is now of memories
would show because, 20 years! Treasured goods
– Naughty Dog from the development team Comments

Yu Matsui (MC)

Shuhei Yoshida (Shuhei Yoshida: SIE Worldwide Studios president / “Crash Bandicoot” series)
Ashimine Chris (Ashimine Chris: Localization Producer / “Ancha Ted “series,” The Last of Us “)
Daisuke Ishidate (Daisuke Ishidate: localization producer /” Uncharted “series,” The Last of Us “)
Taniguchi new greens (Taniguchi thinner: localization Specialist /” Uncharted pirate King and the last of the treasure “)

Tsurumi six hundred (Tsurumi Roppyaku: Corporation Arzest affiliation /” crash Bandicoot “series,” Jak & Daxter “series)
Ryoichi Hasegawa (Ryoichi Hasegawa: Rye at Games affiliation / a” crash · Bandicoot “series,” Jak & Daxter “series)


34:59〜 GREG OMI


56:26〜 BOB RAFEI

1:07:43〜 ROB TITUS

1:10:33〜 ERIC A. IWASAKI

1:16:03〜JOE LABBE II

1:17:33〜DAN AREY


1:24:30〜EVAN WELLS


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