Dr. Face: PlayStation Map (Team Fortress 2) Teaser Featuring Crash Bandicoot

Short trailer for a big mapping project I’ve been constructing for the last few years. Dr_Playstation is my second deathrun map featuring level design inspired by my favourite games of the PS1 era. In this map I’ve managed to create functional NPC enemies, bosses and fully re-created levels taken right from the Playstation.
The main part of the map is based on the Toy Story 2 PS1 game, whilst the endings are direct re-creations of Wipeout 2097, Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot. The project still has two more PS1 endings to go before it is ready for release. Keep and eye on my steam profile and screenshots for more progress!

Music used:
Toy Story 2 – Al’s Space Land
Future Sound Of London – Herd Killing

Cheers to my buds and buds of buds for helping playtest and create the footage for this trailer. Your distracting full bright gold weapons are quite annoying to edit with though btw lol.

Little trivia; I actually began this project before Slender Arctic way back in January 2015 under the title “dr_teamstory”. It was originally going to be just based off the Toy Story 2 PS1 game with some neat traps. But due to other projects and University conflicting, the project was put on hold for nearly a whole year. After my Spyro the Dragon video project failed to get off the ground, I came back to teamstory with a new mindset of making it branch out into multiple games eventually settling on the new name of dr_playstation.


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