[FANGAME] Crash Bandicoot Returns comes back, new model and other stuff


No, you aren’t hallucinating reading this article, Lennox, who’s behind CRASH BANDICOOT RETURNS has brought back a new team and engine a few months ago and has confirmed that a new model with a playable build could be out within two weeks!

Here’s the gallery of the new screenshots and the new model, which I am personally not a fan of, although models from this fangame were never really the highlight…

Here is also a couple of videos from those links: #1 #2 #3 – #4

Also, if you would like, follow progress on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook in addition with a new website (poulpefaction.fr).

You can also go to the blogpost about the new model and vote for 3 levels you would like to see in the fangame from: 

And if you have any ideas, do it! We’d love to look at new things. I invite you to complete the survey below if you wish to participate in this great adventure:

  • Far West (Level being on a moving train in the canyons of Utah)
  • Snow Mountain (snowboard descent pursued by an avalanche)
  • fir forest (Different Crash Bandicoot 2)
  • Inflatable Crash (This level would introduce a new fund (Helium) and the aim would be to inflate Crash inhaling helium and reach the end of level flying like a balloon, while avoiding the birds and other obstacles that can burst Crash)
  • Wheatfield (at night with UFOs and day with cows, scarecrows, etc …)
  • Atlantis (Level submarine but not directly in the water. One could imagine a sunken city like Atlantis in the animated drawing, beneath the ocean but the water surface)
  • Greece (As suggested at the time of the mod, a level in ancient Greece with enemies from Greek mythology)

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