Polygon Playthrough: Aku Aku featured in a Skyrim Mod by Manuelx98

You can see it @ 6:05 in the video, have a look at the video and description:

Welcome back to Touch the Skyrim. A few things have changed since your last visit — but hopefully you’ll still recognize the place! It’s the same old Skyrim you know and love, only with more enormous, unkillable bears.

Full list of installed mods is below:


– All Trees are Hands by Dafini
– Skeletons: A Playable Race by Guile
– Really Useful Dragons by Trainwiz
– DMX – X Gon Give It To Ya Combat Music Includer by Wilf Wilderman
– No Spiders by FancyPants
– Zelda: Majora’s Mask Moon by BobbyChiller
– Cabbage Overhaul by The Crowverlord
– Bee Movie Script by ARRWDODGER
– Azzlar the Whiterun Beast by Wilf, Azzi and Carlos Supreme
– Rifles-Guns OH MY by Tony 1991
– Project P.E.W. by Birgirpall
– Curious Birds of Skyrim by gg77
– Death Apple by Trainwiz
– Aku Aku Follower Mod by Manuelx98
– Bazinga Shout by Hero of Kvatch
– Ragdoll Yourself and NPCs



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