BetaM: Crash Twinsanity – Unused Cutscenes (Twinsanity Editor by NeoKesha & co.)

Their placement is not as intended (some might be related to areas cut from the game), but they show how they’re supposed to play out mostly fine.

General info on cutscenes at Beyond Twinsanity.

Made possible with the Twinsanity Editor by NeoKesha & co.

Totem Hokum Cutscene B:
I think this scene validate the mystery text in AgentLab – placeholders for audio in cutscenes early on.

Totem Hokum Cutscene C:
Nothing besides camera movement happens with this cutscene, and because it doesn’t softlock at the end, it’s probably meant to be that way.

Totem Hokum Cutscene D:
It couldn’t have been recovered fully besides camera movement, it’s supposed to feature Cortex and a Totempole, though nothing in the game that classified as such would work with it.

Jungle Bungle Cutscene A:
The double jump tutorial came a bit later into play (cutscene D) and because it

Jungle Bungle Cutscene F:
At this point in time, it is unrecoverable due to missing scripts and/or objects. My guess is it was some kind of cutscene with the demo’s turtle, before that got replaced with the skunk, which doesn’t use the same cutscene setup as the rest of Jungle Bungle.

For more Twinsanity info and news collected, curated and presented by me, check out Beyond Twinsanity at Beyond Twinsanity


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