[BREAKING] 2 New “Crash Bandicoot” Trademark applications have been filled!


Since I just got the tip from BringBackCrash , my article may not contain all information about the newly-filled trademarks from Activision, both named “Crash Bandicoot” and are not in use just yet officially and not assigned to examiner as well. Anyways, Let’s get started. The first newly registered trademark from Activision is about the use of Crash Bandicoot in toys, RFID chips (something beyond Skylanders figures), video game promotionals and other things related to official Crash Bandicoot merchandise, this one is more likened to the Halo toys you find in Walmart for example. The second newly registered trademark is more broad and contains information about the use of the property in over 200+ uses for merchandise, toys, clothing, social media, broadcasts and many other things, the list is huge unlike the 1st new trademark. It should be noted that this could be the first major use with the possible reveal of Crash Bandicoot Remastered at PlayStation Experience 2016 Keynote Conference, the release day and beyond for the future of the series now that it is out of dormancy. Note that both of these trademarks were filed on October 25/26 of this year (now public).

Source: USPTO (US Trademark System) – via: Trademarkia (#1#2)


3 thoughts on “[BREAKING] 2 New “Crash Bandicoot” Trademark applications have been filled!

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