[Scans] Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped from PlayStation Power Magazine (Italian)


Continuing on from our series of posts about Crash Bandicoot magazine scans from the early days of the series, we now have this one is coming from an Italian Magazine called PlayStation Power in Early October 1998, in which CR008 notes that it contains some interesting Beta elements/names for certain levels, like: On the top, warp panels are different. Second, the level on the bottom is not in the final game(Thanks to RetroGaminYT for the tip) and Mandude notes: “The purple gem path was on Gone Tomorrow, Tomb Wader had a death route instead.” in the scans provided in the gallery. Here’s what he had to say shortly about those scans from the quote below:

I thought this could be interesting for finding some beta stuff, I myself noticed already something: Gee Wiz is claimed to be Level 1 in the build which is used for this preview (as a bonus) and can also be seen in the trailer for a few seconds, around 0:34 and the reason is because it was indeed future, while level is medieval (the magazine is from early October ’98), also there’s another image of the famous beta warp room, maybe more clear than the only one that was around before.

(Thanks, CrashRatchet008 for scanning and providing them!)


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