Summary of Vicarious Visions Developer Commentary Livestream w/ Andrew Carl


Earlier today, we posted an article about an ongoing Extra Life livestream from a Vicarious Visions game designer named Andrew Carl, who is responsible for the Thumpin Wumpa Islands Adventure level Pack and Skylanders Superchargers, where he answered questions from people chiming in with a Developer Commentary playing Video Games with donations of Extra Life’s proceeds going to Children’s Miracle Network Hospital with prizes for $25+ donations (Donate from this link). We also got a couple of interesting bullet points that Carl had answered regarding our most curious questions regarding VV’s role in getting Crash Bandicoot into Skylanders Imaginators, here’s a list compiled of highlights of the livestream developer commentary/Q&A:

  • Crunch was considered to be included in Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands but was dropped in lieu of Fake Crash.
  • Andrew Carl is responsible for designing the Fake Crash boss fight.
  • Music for Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands was partially done in-house by Matt Pirog, with other tracks being outsourced.
  • The Nitro crate was not included in Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands as a result of Crash being an “instadeath sort of game” and Skylanders not being said type of game.

  • Chase Gordon of Vicarious Visions is responsible for designing Crash and Cortex’s movesets in Skylanders.
  • Crash’s dance being toned down was a result of being “a bit much” for Skylanders.
  • Sony was very hands-on in the creation of Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands, providing concept art and resources to Vicarious Visions/Activision.
  • Andrew noted that the venus flytrap was based off of the one from Diggin’ It in Crash 2 which would spit out projectiles.
  • Karthik Bala, one of the founders of Vicarious Visions (no longer with the company), is an extremely passionate Crash fan, and was very anal about the detail in the projects that he was involved in.
  • Andrew also confirmed that the bits of space garbage in the background of the Cortex’s Peril minigame are meant to be references to Cortex’s destroyed space stations.

This is all the new information that Andrew Carl of VV provided us in regards for the questions regarding Crash Bandicoot’s Skylanders Imaginators Adventure Pack.


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