Crash Bandicoot’s “WOAH” SFX in Skylanders Academy

No, it is not Jess Harnell but you would surprised if you didn’t notice already from the brief moment that Crash Bandicoot’s iconic “WOAH!” shout sounded different (or might be the old SFX from the original games but touched up, cannot confirm either way at this moment) in the newly-released Skylanders Academy Netflix show, featuring Crash Bandicoot in two episode: Episode 10’s “The Skylands are falling!” at 20 minutes mark and Episode 11’s “Crash Landing”. Although the voice actor for Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders Academy has not been disclosed just yet, Eric Rogers has assured us that we will know soon once the okay has been given to him. Stay tuned, fans!


One thought on “Crash Bandicoot’s “WOAH” SFX in Skylanders Academy

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