[Related] BBC: ‘More TV, film and gaming’ crossover following Skylanders: Academy success

One of the bosses behind new TV show Skylanders: Academies thinks there’ll be “more gaming and TV” crossover soon.

Stacey Sher, from Activision Blizzard, believes film and television can “breathe life” into your favourite video gaming characters.

Based on the popular gaming franchise, the show has been made for Netflix.

Speaking to Newsbeat, she says they’re considering doing something similar with other games they publish like StarCraft and Overwatch.

This is linked since there is hope for a Crash Bandicoot TV show with the same format as the Skylanders Academy show on Netflix, it was hinted in Episode 11 (Crash Landing). Although this is not to confirm or spark a rumor about such thing just yet. Stay tuned.

READ MORE » • Crash Bandicoot’s Featured in it.


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