Upgradable Abilities of Crash Bandicoot/Neo Cortex in Skylanders Imaginators


Today, since the game got released a week ago in North America (later in other countries), few days earlier in Europe and Australia, we are going to have a look at Crash Bandicoot and Neo Cortex’s Upgradable Abilities (that you can purchase using collected coins) in addition to the fact that in Skylanders Imaginators you can choose one path to some abilities, let’s have a thorough look at those upgradable abilities:

Crash Bandicoot’s Upgradable Abilities

Neo Cortex’s Upgradable Abilities

Controls in Skylanders Imaginators:

The abilities listed below are for PS3 and PS4.
For Xbox 360 and Xbox One; Square is X, Circle is B, Triangle is Y, R2 is RT.
For Wii U; Square is Y, Circle is A, Triangle is X, R2 is ZR.

Thanks to DarkSpyro, Bruno, and Kara Zisa (for crafting the images) for the helping.


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