Crash Bandicoot Remastered listed in SAG-AFTRA VA Strike’s Affected Games List


So on Friday, a strike for Video Game performers and voice actors have gone on a strike under the SAG-AFTRA Union for a failed agreement between Video Game Publishers (referred as employers) and Voice Actors that belong to the union since:

“[their] management remains unwilling to agree to fair terms that reflect the integrity and principles that SAG-AFTRA and our membership hold true. For the past two years we have attempted to reach a fair deal with these employers and they have left us no other choice.”

This includes confirmed VAs that have reprised roles in Skylanders Imaginators like Lex Lang, who has confirmed support for the strike via #PerformanceMatters on his Twitter earlier today.


This is a bittersweet news since this also confirms that the reprised VA roles in Skylanders Imaginators Crash Bandicoot Adventure Team are also voicing in Crash Bandicoot Remastered, named “Crash Bandicoot Remaster Project“, confirming that it is more of a remake-tier remaster (meaning that assets and sounds are redone) than a port-tier remaster, hence the emphasis on that it’s only an “HD Remaster” from David of Vicarious Visions and the “Remastered from the ground up”, courtesy of Shawn Layden in E3 2016’s Sony grand PlayStation conference. Remastered is expected by many to be revealed in Sony’s anticipated PlayStation Experience 2016 keynote with a slew of other reveals and showcases from other video games. Although the project was added to the database as “01/01/2015” (their post regarding the strike mentions any production that started after Feb. 17, 2015), it doesn’t really tell us about when the project was actually started, although it may have been started as early as Early 2015, as per hints by BruceLeeRoy, who has long teased about it in 2015 all year long.

What does this mean anyways for the bandicoot’s next big foray into current generation console (PlayStation 4)? It is safe to assume that the project is not going to get a major setback due to recorded voice lines, although it may get pushed back due to the strike and agreement negotiations with Activision.

I would like to thank JB, Lex Lang and others for telling about the strike (give your support via #PerformanceMatters & and news about Crash Bandicoot Remastered Trilogy. We may get contacted regarding this information by Activision Publishing as per request of theirs.

Sources: SAG-AFTRA Union (Database) – via GamingTrend


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