[Crash-Related] Skylanders Imaginators FAQs Posted in Activision Support

Not too long ago (and by that I mean literally yesterday, Activision Support has updated the Skylanders Imaginators FAQ pages to include questions about Crash Edition, Thumpin Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack, and finally few issues about it related to the Thumpin Wumpa Islands Level and other things. Here are few of them selected from all FAQ pages of the game:

Yes! The Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex figures are not exclusive to PlayStation and can be played on any console.

Not at launch. Sometime after the launch of Skylanders Imaginators they will be released in a separate Adventure Pack. If you’re interested in finding a retailer near you that has Adventure Packs for sale, check out our Where to Buy page.

It is possible for the game to crash if you try to create your own Skylander in Crash Bandicoot’s home level. You will have to restart the game and try to use the Imaginator Creator from the M.A.P. or in Skylanders Academy.

Yes. The Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Cortex Skylanders figures work on any platform and can drive any of the supported Skylanders vehicles.


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