Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition (PS3/PS4) – October 14th (UK/EU) Retailers List

Skylanders Imaginators PS4 Crash Edition Final Box

Attention for those who preordered or have not ordered Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition for PS4, it comes out today depending on your time-zone in the European Region and United Kingdom (England/Ireland), could include surrounding countries from MENA and Asian countries as well (Well check again at a later date). So, if you are planning on getting it Day 1, then go ahead and see those retailers to get it from: (PlayStation 4 only in UK/Ireland and some countries*)

United Kingdom (£69.99/£84.99 GBP)/Ireland (€99.99 EUR):

France/Italy/Spain Retailers (€99.99 EUR):

Remaining retailers in Europe (Germany/Czech Republic/

So yeah… if you are anticipating Crash Bandicoot’s comeback with Remastered, you may give Crash Edition for Skylanders Imaginators a look since it is cool way to give you the best petite Crash Bandicoot dessert in 6-8 years while absent..

I would appreciate it if some of you could notify me of other stores stocking Crash Edition in-store or online, will try my best to include it in this post for Europe/UK.



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