Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition spotted in the wild (Target US)

So, we got another one of those street-date breaking incidents and it is not unusual to see it happen even in the country where those games are developed. Apparently CoinOpTV, a toy/video game collector and an avid fan of many other things, has started hunting for Skylanders Imaginators Starter Packs and Figures at a Target branch in Los Angeles where it seems that they broke the street-date for the anticipated October 16th release date.

You can see on the 1:43 minute mark, he shows off the Crash Edition for PlayStation 4 of Skylanders Imaginators, obviously the pack we fans care about. If you are also a Skylanders fan, you will be also delighted to know that all other figures and starter packs are shown off in the video as well, I do note that these may or may not be purchasable yet from this Target branch as the game is not officially released yet, knowing that a fan in Netherland has gotten the game by preordering it and receiving the Wii U Starter Pack, showing off the Shrine Approach/Soul Gem cutscene videos for both Crash Bandicoot and Neo Cortex.


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