[Instagram] Skylanders Imaginators: Crash/Cortex Shrine Approach



[Note: These videos might be a spoiler for some]

So in the last few days, someone who regularly posts at DarkSpyro has accidentally been shipped the preorder for the regular Starter Edition for Skylanders Imaginators, and while that may not sound like much especially for us Crash Bandicoot fans since you need either Crash or Cortex figures to know more about the Thumpin Wumpa Island level, we still have some few new stuff coming over from ShadowStorm, has given us a peek at the approach cutscenes from the game relevant to Crash Bandicoot series, take a look at both at the bottom or via those two links: (Crash Bandicoot Neo Cortex)

Crash Bandicoot Shrine approach

A post shared by Dimitri (@shadowstorm_valor) on

DR. Neo Cortex Shrine approach

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