[Crash-Related] PlayStation Experience 2016 – December 3 – 4 at Anaheim CC!

Tickets Available Now: http://playstation.com/experience-tic…

PlayStation Experience is back for 2016 and heading to the Anaheim Convention Center in California on December 3-4. Join thousands of fans from around the world for announcements, PlayStation VR, and dozens of new and unreleased games.

PlayStation Blog Post: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2016…

cty93o3vuaaeecGet ready fams!

Because we are about to wait for an exciting event, PlayStation Experience 2016 has been finally confirmed via a registration page to be at the Anaheim Convention Center from December 3rd to the 4th. (If you remember last PlayStation Experience in 2015 where Shawn Layden teased us with a T-shirt)

The reason I am posting this is because we might see our first look at Crash Bandicoot Remastered for the PS4 after being given the big hurrah for Crash Bandicoot’s return, in addition to Skylanders Imaginators featuring him and Neo Cortex in a musically-themed Thumpin Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack, coming first to PS3/PS4, after that, 30 days after, as a separate pack of two figures.


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