[LINKED] Metro.co.uk: Crash Bandicoot in Skylanders Imaginators Preview


GameCentral plays Crash Bandicoot’s return to console gaming, and what may be the best character creation tool ever made.

It’s been eight years since Crash Bandicoot starred in his own console game, but now is the time for his big comeback. Not in the already-announcedremaster trilogy, which isn’t out until 2017, but as a guest star in this year’s new Skylanders game. Crash, and arch nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex, both have their own toys, and a level based on Wumpa Islands. But they’re only part of what looks like being the most ambitious toys to life game so far.


Select Q&A from the interview:

GC: It strikes me that Imaginators is slightly closer to their model this year, because adding Crash is essentially like adding a new licensed character. Is that something you can imagine doing with other properties? Other than Star Wars, Transformers was my favourite as a kid, and of course Activision already has that licence…

PR: [to Oneal] I’m gonna let you answer that, because Vicarious Visiions has created the Crash content this year.

JO: Well, previously, we also had Nintendo characters in the game.

GC: Oh yes, that’s true.

JO: So we’re dipping our toe in the water with that, and what’s important is that with Crash and Neo, they feel natural in the Skylanders universe. There’s not an interest to put a guest star in, just because. They need to be Skylanders and that’s essentially what they are, and they feel very natural, with a natural set of powers that are very cool, but pay homage to the original games. And they’re awesome Senseis, with their own amazing Sky-Chi powers, and they feel good in Wumpa Islands as well as in Skylands.

PR: VV’s been around for 25 years, Toys for Bob’s been around for 28. We love games, and so if we look for something it’s gonna be something that makes the game better, and comes from games.


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