Easy Allies Plays Crash Team Racing for 2 hrs + Betting Exhibition Match

The team needs to get their engines in tune before they can fully enjoy this classic, and we place bets on the upcoming PlayStation Meeting and TGS Press conference.
1:14:48 – Presents
1:36:40 – PlayStation Meeting / TGS Exhibition Match

There were people who seriously expected Crash Bandicoot Remastered to popup on Sony’s PlayStation Meeting 2016 keynote (Warning: coarse language), which only lasted an hour and only saw a handful of few games showcasing the PS4 Pro’s power (upscaled 4K) with no Crash or some other major games in sight. However, fret not that might get a reveal ahead of PSX 2016 (if it gets announced anyways). Today, we get to see Easy Allies playing CTR for two hours, because why not? It’s a fun excellent racer 😉


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