[UPDATE: Apology, Beta incoming] Crash Bandicoot: Timetwister Tech Demo now available for Download!

We accept 20 secs of gameplay was unacceptable for 1.4gb, but firstly I want to describe what was going with demo;

Our main purpose was showing of Crash’s gameplay dynamics, not to spoil full tomb wader level. The thing you downloaded was including all of levels we completed, because it’s impossible to isolate other levels from Tomb Wader at this state of project.

We decided to take down link for current demo after all of these complaints, and switch to beta state with full playable Tomb Wader level. We will create a bug reporting platform for that. Plus, game will have a interface for changing graphics settings, so everyone can test the game.

Beta release will happen in approximately 1 week.

We apologize for performance issues you faced, and short gameplay time on the demo.


Tech Demo is now available:

It features a small part of Tomb Wader level with all gameplay mechanics of Crash Bandicoot. The only bug is with wheel, you need to running into it while spinning. It doesn’t work while you’re staying on wheel & try spinning.

The demo can be featured on Youtube as a gameplay video, provided that the watermark on bottom-left corner is visible. Don’t forget to mention our youtube channel on your video. Have fun.

Keyboard Layout:
Mouse Left Button: Attack (Can be pressed multiple times to spin more)
Mouse Right Button: Wumpa Launcher
Ctrl: Crouch
Space: Jump
W A S D: Movement

P.S: Controller support will be added soon.


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