Official Let’s Play for Skylanders Imaginators: Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands

Hey Portal Masters! Check out some amazing action from three different levels in Skylanders Imaginators. Survive a trip down the poisonous Mushroom River, take control of Sky Baron Fortress from some unwanted enemies and finally, see Crash Bandicoot brave the chili pepper run.

Enjoy some of your favorite Senseis in action before the October launch of Skylanders Imaginators.

Gameplay for Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands start at 16:20 minutes mark..

Things to note:

  • Crash has some noticeable expressions not seen in previous videos, such as being scared (like the original games)
  • There’s more than one Chili Pepper run for the level, including one for Neo Cortex, as the commentator mentioned
  • We see another alternative route in the video more visibly unlike previous videos after Aku Aku tells Crash about Spyro
  • The Music is clearer and maybe slower at the Chili Pepper run for some reason, might be encoding or something else

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