Vicarious Visions responds to CTR Remastered pleads from comments

22041-ctr-crash-team-racing-playstation-front-cover.jpgSo we all love Crash Team Racing, as Crash fans and non-fans, it is one of the most polished and fun kart racing experiences ever, competing against the likes of Mario Kart, and even newer games like SEGA and Sonic All-Star Racing (Transformed), with both Mario Kart and Crash Racing copying and borrowing features later on, but while that’s great, people have been slowly rising from quietness about the appreciation of CTR and demand that CTR either gets rebooted, or Remastered/Remade with online features and trophies, and that only ever increased with the Remaster of the original trilogy by Naughty Dog coming next year by Vicarious Visions, it was only the natural response to reply to those pleads and wishes.

I have some bad news for those who are expecting CTR Remastered soon, they don’t have plans to bring it to the PS4, but they have it in mind and are big fans of it (Expected as VV are huge fans of Crash Bandicoot, as shown by Crash Nitro Kart, GBA Games, and the recently revealed Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands and figurines in Skylanders Imaginators), here’s their (David’s) reply:


There are other replies regarding Crash Bandicoot Remastered, however, those seem to confuse people and need further clarification via a reveal that will happen soon..

Source: PlayStation Blog (Vicarious Visions)

Recommended: Sony is (partly) involved with Activision on Remastered


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