Update on Target Australia Preorders for Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition


Update: According to Target Australia via MonAmiibo, the Crash Edition will cost $119 AUD and will get released on October 13th, while the Thumpin Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack will cost $39.95 AUD available later on November.

Update 2: The preorders for the Crash Edition start tomorrow, however, Kaos Figure is not bundled for free for the preorders

It was reported two months ago by MonAmiibo that Skylanders Imaginators Crash Edition for the PlayStation 4 would be exclusive to Target Australia, however did not note when exactly preorders for Australian Crash fans can start preordering.

This is a semi-exclusive report by Crashy News (Thanks to “Crash’s Aussy Pal”) via a customer support message confirming that Preorders for Crash Edition will begin on August 25th with a $20 AUD deposit required in-store. Here’s a little snippet of the message sent back to CAP:

Hello CAP, thanks for your message!

Pre-orders will open this Thursday (25/08) and you’ll need to leave a $20 deposit. Please head into your local store from Thursday and we’ll be able to assist you!

Please note that we only have limited quantities of launch stock, so please don’t wait too long!

When any other way to preorder online or in-store is available in any form or shape, we will let you know, hold on tight, Australian Crash fans!

An update-ception (They confirmed it again at a tweet reply):


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