Skylanders Imaginators: Cortex Gameplay + Figurine (First Look) by FamilyGamerTV

All the Gamescom Skylanders Imaginators game-play, reveals and figurines:

-Kaos Sensei
-Dr. Neo Cortex
-Thumpin’ Wumpa Islands Adventure Pack
-Dark Pack Gameplay (Dark Wolfgang, Dark Golden Queen, Dark King Pen)
– Villain Sensei Doctor Krankcase
– Villain Sensei Hood Sickle
– Sensei Chopscotch
– New Sorcerer Imaginator Class

We also hear about:
– Adventure Pack compatibility
– All Superchargers tracks and expansions included and virtual vehicles
– Online mode only for racing aspect of the game

Did I say tomorrow? Because according to where Gamescom is located at, they have just opened and Activision has lifted the NDA for the first look at Dr. Neo Cortex in Skylanders Imaginators, coming as a bundled figurine with Crash Bandicoot, this video shows the gameplay and figurine all together as well as some other details!

Oh. And Lex Lang is confirmed to be reprising his role as Cortex, after rumors and denial about it before the announcement as well as our first look into the backstory of Crash/Cortex in Skylanders Imaginators with.. Wumpa (N.Sanity) Islands level!

We will try to keep you up with more..


2 thoughts on “Skylanders Imaginators: Cortex Gameplay + Figurine (First Look) by FamilyGamerTV

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