Crash Bandicoot featured in JV, a French culture Magazine

For those who live in France and read our blog, you may noticed that a peculiar magazine called JV about culture in France, was missing from here and we would like to see how most people react to this nifty cover (Featuring Crash, Drake, and Eille) on a feature article for their magazine from December 2015, which also featured the same cover on the magazine for that month. The article talks about Naughty Dog in general, from Pre-Universal days, to Crash Bandicoot to Uncharted 4, but generally, I think people already know about this stuff..

Anyways, here is the gallery for previews of the magazine.

Source: JV Magazine (Cover Preview)

Quotes (Google Translated):

THE COVER:  In Crash Bandicoot Uncharted 4: Paw Naughty Dog

  • Before Uncharted , when Naughty Dog set out to conquer the West: the beginnings of the studio
  • Interview by Andrew Gavin, co-founder of Naughty Dog
  • Assaulting Hollywood: How the California studio has become a blockbuster machine
  • Tomorrowland: the future of Naughty Dog

JV again with its new formula dedicated this time at Naughty Dog

After a number serious business dedicated to the workings of YouTube, JV back to business with a dossier on Naughty Dog, California developer who was responsible, among others, the famous Uncharted and The Last of Us . Our corner a question how the studio has it become the master of cinematic gaming and Sony spearhead? A folder at least as unique as the illustration of our coverage. Also, since we are at year end, here came time for you to vote for Jean-Video Gold in 2015 .


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